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ACER Supra 1632 AHD Automatic Horizontal Spindle Surface Grinder

ACER Supra 1632 AHD Automatic Horizontal Spindle Surface Grinder

ACER Supra 1632 AHD

Condition: Very Good

Stock Number: 5118

Price: $22,500

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Request A Quote On Our Stock Number: 5118 ACER Supra 1632 AHD Automatic Horizontal Spindle Surface GrinderRequest a quote on stock# 5118
Table Size16" x 32"
Maximum Grinding Length Longitudinal32"
Maximum Grinding Width Crosswise16"
Maximum Distance Table Surface to Spindle Center28-5/16"
Chuck Size15-11/16" x 31-1/2"
Longitudinal Movement to Table 
**** maximum travel hydraulic35"
**** maximum travel manual36-1/2"
**** table speed16 - 80 FPM
Cross Traverse Travel 
**** auto traverse increment0.02" - 0.5"
**** maximum auto traverse travel17"
***** maximum traverse manual18"
**** handwheel per revolution cross0.2"
**** handwheel per graduation cross0.001"
Wheelhead Vertical Downfeed 
***auto infeed0.00005" - 0.002"
***step feed0.00005"
****rapid travel180 mm/min
**** slow travel aprox6 mm/min
**** handwheel per revolution0.05"
**** handwheel per graduation0.00005"
Grinding Spindle Drive7-1/2 HP, 1750 RPM
Standard Grinding Wheel14" dia x 2" width x 5" bore
Floor Space130" x 87" x 81"
Shipping Dimension97" x 89" x 88"
Weight9500 LB

Equipped With:
3 Axis CNC Control
Paper Filter/Magnetic Swarf Seperator
Wheel Balancing Stand with Arbor
Spare Grinding Wheels
Overhead Wheel Dresser
Spare Rebuilt Spindle
Operation Manuals

Manufacturer Brochure Info
Spindle run-out within 0.00015".
Enlarged honey comb-ribbed column is designed for heavy duty grinding. Standard high is at 28-5/16".
Continuous flood type lubrication system to reduce machine wear and maintain the accuracy of the machine.
Revolutionary proximity switch on table and crossfeed movement.
Zero-setting slip rings with venier scale on both Z & Y axes.
Crossfeed precision ball screw allows for zero backlash.
Saddle lock/unlock device.
Magnetic separator & paper filter system.
FC-25 casting iron allows for maximum damping and stress relief.
Turcite-B coated spindle housing.
Direct drive spindle motor. Front mount flanged type spindle design for heavy duty grinding.
Able to hold more than 1,000 lbs as work load.
Preset table speed hydraulic control allows for fine increment of table speed.
Double V of crossfeed system is 36" wide for maintaining table flatness accuracy.
Three axes fully microprocessor controlled system with LED panel display.
Safety 24V contol circuit.
Rough and fine downfeed system is controlled by precise stepping motor control.
Power disconnect safety device on electric-cabinet.

30 day return privilege
Located CA
Inspect under power.


ACER Supra 1632 AHD Automatic Horizontal Spindle Surface Grinder

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